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Vindication BABY!

Posted on: December 2, 2008 5:12 pm

I have done it!  I have made the playoffs.  I won the last 3 weeks to finish 7 - 6 and get the 5th seed in the playoffs.  It was a case of turnabout is fairplay after all the close call loses I took this year I managed to win these last 3 weeks by a total of 8.5 pts.  Week 11 I won by 5.3 pts, week 12 I won by 0.2 pts (whew) and this past week I won by exactly 3 pts.  I had a 45.3 point lead after the 4:15 slate of games and my opponent had 3 players YTP Owen Daniels & Kevin Walter on MNF & Bernard Berrian on Sunday night.  Well after Berrians magic act on Sunday night I stood 13.3 pts up and just knew that Daniels and Wlater were going to give him the win Monday but alas they could only muster 10.3 pts between them.  My luck is finally turning around and at the right time playoffs baby.  I am going for my 3rd straight championship in this league and could really use the $600 bucks for 1st place.  I really like my matchups this week also. 

Brett Favre & Thomas Jones @ 49ers (great)- QB & 1 RB

Marshawn Lynch vs. Phins (so so) - 2RB

Greg Jennings vs. Texans (great) - 1WR

Reggie Wayne vs. The Bungals (beyond great) - 2WR

Lendale White vs. Brownies Troop Dorsey (forget about it) - RB/WR

Heath Miller vs. The Cowgirls (?) wish Kellen Winslow wasn't made of glass.  - TE

Mason Crosby vs Texans (good) - K

Eagles Def/ST @ New York (football) Giants (not so good) heres to the return of Eli 3 years ago. - DST

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